The Al Swearengen Christmas Wish


Merry Christmas from Al Swearengen!

We are all Swigeon.


Free to Be You and Me

Free To Be You And Me.

Marlo Thomas & Alan Alda warped my little mind with 70s progressive liberalism. It was released into the world the same month I was. Coincidence? I think not.

I know this album by heart but have never seen the actual TV special. There goes my next hour or so.

Night Music: Sonny Rollins and Leonard Cohen

Sonny Rollins and Leonard Cohen. The gravitas on stage could form a singularity. Luckily, they stride the edge of the event horizon with a studied nonchalance. The goosebumps on my arms and legs are so sharp they almost hurt.

That’s it for today. I’ve barely covered one season of the series, with just a toe dipped into season two. I expect I’ll dive back into the second year soon. I just can’t take anymore right now.