DJ Jesus




Caption: he’s on the ones and twos

He died on the crossfader for us.

I can’t beat that last comment.


I hadn’t played this for a while but a conversation about the song made me remember this version. John really gets to the heart of the problems with this cheese-tastic McCartney “classic.”

The three volumes of River Rhine bootlegs are all pretty amazing. A reminder that, even towards the end, the boys could still have fun now and again.


Record Roof

Nashville musician Matt Glassmeyer came up with this unique solution for shingling his porch roof. Glassmeyer, using nails and washers, attached 350 vinyl records to the roof, and after two years in the Nashville sun, apparently, they still haven’t warped.

Bad. Ass.

I don’t think this would have worked as well in New England, but I wish I knew about it before we had the new roof installed last week.