If you had asked twelve-year-old me in the mid-80s which famous metal front man was gay, I would have guessed Paul Stanley before Rob Halford. His Cyndi-Lauper-on-acid outfit in the following year’s “Tears Are Falling” video would have cemented it.

This was long before I knew anything at all about anything at all and still subscribed to the mindset of the delivery man in the famous Dire Straits’ video. I was a knob.


This shoulda been huge and inescapable throughout the land. Instead, it made the top 20 of the modern rock charts and some play on 120 Minutes. ooowoowoowowoh, oowowoowowoo.



Las Ketchup |  Asereje

Las Ketchup is a Latin Grammy Award nominated 4-girl group composed of sisters Lola Muñoz, Pilar Muñoz, Lucía Muñoz, and Rocío Muñoz from Córdoba in AndaluciaSpain. They are the daughters of Juan Muñoz, a flamenco guitarist known as El Tomate (The Tomato). Before Rocío’s addition to the group in 2006, the other three girls had success with their worldwide hit “Aserejé”, also known as “The Ketchup Song“…wikipedia

The Ketchup Song is an auto-reblog.