Matthias Lehmann – Albert Ayler


Albert Ayler


The Kinks at the BBC

This is real. 5 CDs & 1 DVD of The Kinks BBC recordings from 1964-1994. Hot damn tamale. Now, if someone wants to buy it for me that would be great, because I don’t have $100 to spend on the import.

Accept – “Flash to Bang Time”

I’m as big an Udo fan as anyone, and I freely admit to casually dismissing Accept without the Teutonic Bobby Hill in the lineup. However, some friends have slowly gotten me to reconsider, and I’m glad I have. Their latest record, Stalingrad, is a great slab of classic metal that very few bands could have produced. I can now accept Accept can still be Accept without exceptions.

Rest in Peace, Greg Ham

I just heard Greg Ham of Men At Work has died. Greg was the sax/flute/keyboard player, and he sang the lead on this deep cut from Business As Usual. I have deep, unequivocal, love for the first two Men At Work albums, and their third had a handful of solid songs on it.

Business As Usual was the first album I ever bought with my own money. Men At Work was the first band I thought of as mine; not my parents, not my sisters, not just something I liked on the radio.

Thanks for the music, Mr. Ham. 

Deep Purple – “Strange Kind of Woman”

I’ve been immersed in Deep Purple MKII for most of the past few days and I have to say I think Fireball is not only classic, but perhaps the highpoint of that incredible run. This song was the only track that stayed a staple of their live shows, and I have to assume it is because it is basically three Blackmore solos punctuated by a few short bursts of “boogie with Gillan.”

Speaking of Ian, I’m not sure what substances he might be on in this clip, but whatever it is has put him in a rather strange, if still vocally magnificent, place.