Thursday is Robyn’s birthday. Please join me in pissing away a bunch of time in an online celebration of sorts. 6$

I’d be delighted! The Man with the Lightbulb Head will be in attendance.

Other invitees include Sandra, Leppo and the Jooves, The Pigworker, Vyrna Knowl, Muriel, The Fatman’s Son, Betty (have a heart and come to the party), Maurice and/or Steve, Brenda, The Lizard, Ralph, Ugly Nora, Mr. Kennedy, Dr. Sticky, Happy the Golden Prince, The Fly, Lady Obvious, Lady Waters & The Hooded One, The Can Opener, Ted, Woody & Junior, Madonna of the Wasps, Queen Elvis, Queen Elvis II, The Leopard, The President, The Abandoned Brain, Clean Steve, The Devil’s Coachman, Mr. Rock ‘n’ Roll, Polly (if she’ll leave the shore), The Man With a Woman’s Shadow, Sophia, Sally, Elizabeth Jade, The Green Boy, Antwoman, Penelope, Toadboy, Mr. Deadly and more.

Special guests include Gene Hackman, Debbie Reynolds and W (though I figure he won’t come because he sucks).

Musical entertainment provided by The Higsons.




For sixbucks, one of the rarer tracks I have from The Soft Boys. “Zip Zip”, recorded at Maxwell’s in Hoboken on the 1980 tour. I have another version from a muddier tape from Club Eighties in NYC. 

Oh, and if anyone has the Maxwell’s show in higher fidelity please drop me a line.

I’ll tell you what I want to do
Even let you think it through

Lightbulbhead wins at life!

I have close to 90 hours of Robyn Hitchcock & Soft Boys material on my hard drive. It’s not winning, but it’s definitely an obsession, and probably for life.








Nine Inch Nails – Sin (Live)


Mine is Fischerspooner – Emerge [Junkie XL remix]

Not bad. Though I also have that as my ring tone, so I’ll spend half my battle thinking “Who the hell is calling me at a time like this?!”

Public Enemy, You’re Gonna Get Yours.  

Bring on the zombie apocalypse, I’m effing set.

Bruce Springsteen, Radio Nowhere.


Black & Gold – Sam Sparro

I will be dancing the zombie apocalypse away!

I Just Want to Love You (Give It to Me) – Jay-Z feat. Pharrell

Looks like I’ll be dead in seconds.

London’s Burning

The Clash > zombies

Dare To Be Stupid – Weird Al Yankovic

Sadly appropriate for my likely zombie fighting tactics.