Day 27 – A song your friends think you’re a dork for liking, but you don’t give a shit 

Dire Straits – “Brothers In Arms”

Mark Knopfler isn’t anyone’s idea of cool, and I’m not always a fan; however, this song, trite as it may be, has always sounded so perfect to my ears. The production is crisp, the performance understated, the mix downright majestic. Always liked the video as well. Fuck the haters.


Day 26 – A song that helps you poo 

Noxagt – “Gravy And Blood”

Bowel shaking bass, pounding drums and grinding viola. Play it loud enough and watch the shit fly.

Day 23 – A song that just makes you feel dirty 

Prince featuring Kim Basinger – “The Scandalous Sex Suite”

It makes me feel dirty in a queasy and uncomfortable, non-sexy way. The best analogy I could come up with is imagine being on a date, watching an erotic movie at a drive-in; however, your mother in the backseat, and it sounds like she might be frigging herself.

Day 22 – A song you put on during dinner to cover the sound of everyone chewing with their mouth open 

The Goslings – “Croatan”

Conveniently, this will also cover the sound of everyone blowing their brains out.