Same as it Ever Puns



8-bit Stop Making Sense. h/t @edseed

Via music history in gifs.

Gameboy Is Better

Why 8-bit suit?


Sarah Jaffe

I saw Sarah Jaffe play again tonight and she prefaced this song with a short tale about its last minute composition (“About five years ago in Arkansas, we needed another song to fill out the set and I wrote this shortly before we went on”) and said it was her Mom’s favorite. She then pointed to her Mom on the lawn, and the crowd applauded whole-heartedly. 

I hope she one day captures the magic of her live show in the studio. Tonight, with just herself and a drummer, she absolutely tore the overly controlled studio recordings to little shreds and let them fly in the wind. In the two shows I’ve seen she’s been as good as it gets, but her records are so tentative in comparison. If you can see her live, run out and make it happen, whether she’s solo or with her band. There’ll be no regrets.

The Plums

Since I posted a link to John Masters music earlier today, I figure older brother Marc (whom I worked with back in ‘93) should get the same treatment. This is the new Cassette release from his band The Plums; last year they put out the double LP White. They play out around DC a lot so you should go see them if you get the chance. Tell him Erik sent ya and I’m sure he’ll roll his eyes in return.