Bob Dylan – Isis (live)

Here’s a song about marriage. It’s called Isis.

My favorite version of this song. Swings and lurches in trots and gallops like a drunk horse on meth.


Unsurprisingly, Condensate has grown on me and, though I can’t say it’s up there with The Time albums I’ve lived with for almost 30 years, I think it has a good chance to make my end of year list; on first listen I would have said, “Hell no!’ if asked.

Like every damn album these days it’s too long. The band has admitted as much; an interview I heard had Morris saying it was down to ten tracks before Jesse pointed out the fans have been waiting 21 years for new material and the band shouldn’t deprive them of any of the final fourteen. Shame really, as a bit of judicious editing would have done wonders. The original three record run was six songs per album, with only the debut topping the 40 minute mark; both reunion albums (1990’s Pandemonium and this one) break the 60 minute barrier. They are lesser records because of it.

However, the latter records both do one thing very well; they end on a string of songs that leave you with the impression the album is stronger than it is. Pandemonium has the sequence from “Skillet” through “My Summertime Thing”; Condensate similarly has a five song sequence from “AYDKMN” through “GoHomeToYoMan” that leave you satisfied and excited as to what the future may bring. These tracks are where they update their style without losing what made them so special; some of the earlier tracks either ape an earlier era (“Strawberry Lake”) or lose a bit of the magic (“Lifestyle” and “Cadillac” back-to-back almost kills the record for me).

The Track above, “Hey Yo”, sounds relatively current (at least from the last decade instead of 25+ years old), but has just enough winking Morris Day delivery and simple Jesse Johnson licks to let me hear it as a logical evolution. It’s not my favorite from the closing run (I’m partial to “One Step”), but it works well both in and out of sequence.

“I’m magically delicious, Baby! And so nutritious.” Never change, Morris. Never change.




I’m making this into a clock for my studio.


I even watched a few minutes of BET last night just to catch them opening the Soul Train Awards. They were, of course, cool.

I always miss the good TV.

If this one works out and doesn’t look too Salvador Dali by the time I’m done with, I’ll pop one up on my Etsy.

Just remember: This clock ain’t for everybody, just the sexy people!