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The Residents



Laura Mvula – “Green Garden”

I am willfully outside any conversations about mainstream pop sounds, but there are a few ways past my neglect. One of those is twitter (another is here on tumblr), where several of the people I follow are still interested and invested in pop. 

Which leads me here. Marcello Carlin, writer extraordinaire, linked to this video with the line, “OK, this is as good as everyone says it is.” I’m glad his everyone has been trumpeting the quality of Ms. Laura Mvula’s “Green Garden”; I’m in love with everything about it.

Psychic Ills/Holy Wave

Listen to Arab Spring by HOLY WAVE.

I got to see these guys last night, opening for Psychic Ills. It was a great set, and they were an incredibly nice and appreciative group of guys. Their recorded stuff is good, but live they stepped it up to another level. They’ve got a few scattered dates this spring and then will be joining Goat on their North American tour. Despite my issues with that Swedish group I wish them nothing but packed houses that show up early to experience the splendor of Holy Wave.

Let me note here that the headliners were spectacular as well. Psychic Ills walked the tightrope of perfect balance while nearly falling apart over and over again. As good as they are in the studio, their records can’t help but fail to capture that tension; please do yourself a favor and see these bands live.