My idea of Halloween music.


Mo’ ‘Merican Bonzos?

jonathanbogart answered your question: Help Me Out Peoples

The Mothers of Invention?

I thought about Frank & Co., but as much as I like them there is too much control and/or cynicism in even their silliest stuff. Except for Cruising With Reuben And The Jets (which seems so full of honest love for doo-wop), I can’t help but hear the sneer toward the pop audience as a whole or the knowing nod for their fans who are in on the charade. I think that’s why I’ve stopped listening to those original Mothers albums, or anything else before The Grand Wazoo.

But then again, maybe that cynicism is what makes their genre-hopping pop absurdity a distinctly American analog to the Bonzos. Something for me to ponder.

Thanks Jonathan, and to all who answer!

American Bonzos?

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Kind of a stretch, but maybe The United States of America?

Hmmm… not bad! Better by far than anything I’ve thought. I was stuck on The Holy Modal Rounders, because some of their demented Americana reminds me a bit of the Bonzo’s demented take on British music hall. A bit of The Fugs irreverence too.

Thanks for the answer Rob!