Eluvium feat. Ira Kaplan – “Happiness”

Eluvium featuring Ira Kaplan “Happiness”

Remember back in 2000, when Yo La Tengo was inspired by Lambchop to go to Nashville to record And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out? And how that ended up being not only their best record but one of the best albums of the decade? Like me, do you wonder why they didn’t continue down that path of greatness instead of retrenching with the wretched Summer Sun? Could that trail have possibly reached the place this song did?


PopMatters: The Best Metal of 2013

Now that heat and electricity seem to be a more regular thing (though we had a couple of short outages again last night), here’s a link to something you might have missed. I was happy to contribute not only with a ballot but a couple of short write-ups, too. I wrote the blurbs for #16 Shooting Guns (and no, I really have nothing left to say about that album) and #11 Clutch.

The Best Metal of 2013