Darkseid & Thanos

Never not awesome.

Note: Darkseid drives a 1980s-era Volkswagen Golf.


Michael Golden – The Doctor Strange Portfolio


The Doctor Strange Portfolio by Michael Golden, published by Marvel Comics, 1983.

If anyone wants to track down a copy to give me for my birthday I’d be very happy.

Jim Steranko – Outlander



Jim Steranko

This needs to appear more than twice on my dash.

Jack Kirby – Soul Love


In honor of Jack Kirby‘s birthday and the fiftieth anniversary of the March on Washington, we close out tonight’s show here at the Ormes Society with a peek at Kirby’s long lost pages for the comic series Soul Love. Sadly, the publisher killed the series and Kirby’s work on the comic was never printed. Thankfully, the folks at True Love Comics Tales were able to locate the pages for us all to enjoy!

I had no idea this existed.