This is good ol’ Donnie & company in “The Doom That Came To Salt Lake” de-mix I screwed around with this winter.  It popped up in my itunes and made me laugh so I thought I’d share it here.


To See or Not to See

Sunday, went and picked out new glasses – forgot my prescription.  Went back today to get the glasses; turns out that the wider lenses gave me a headache.  Went back again, switched frames, another set of lenses; get home and notice one of these has a scratch on it.  I don’t think I’m destined to get new glasses.

This one’s for Alex too, because I have no idea if he’ll see this as a positive or negative.

via neighborhoodr:


Street pianos head to NYC 

“NYC will follow London and Sydney’s lead and install a bunch of street pianos in public places where anyone can sit down and bang out some showtunes, Chopin, or Chopsticks.”

This is awesome, but how do you avoid them being vandalized? Or destroyed by weather? Will someone keep them in tune?

From a NYTimes article about similar pianos in London:

“The pianos, which are secured to the ground with metal cables and have plastic covers in case of rain, have proved a huge hit. All of them are still there — outside the Natural History Museum, on Portobello Road, in Leicester Square and in the churchyard of St. Paul’s Cathedral, among other spots. None has been vandalized. People have tended to relinquish their places courteously after a while to allow others to perform.”

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