Guys, it took almost 28 years, but I finally found a religion I can’t argue with. [via Dangerous Minds]

Can you imagine all the sects, though?

(For example) I’m a hardcore Berlinist, one of those that firmly (some would say heretically) rejects the primacy of the Ziggy Gospels, therefore focusing mostly on commandments I and VII and pretty much ignoring VIII-X (VI only gets through due my sympathy for some of the teachings of the Ronsonites). 

But at least I’m not one of the poor benighted souls worshipping at Our Lady of Mondegreens; they continue to insist that Bowie was, in fact, our Leopard Messiah.

These commandments only marginally speak to my beliefs, since I consider myself a Reform Young-Americanist, though I’ve also incorporated many of the beliefs found in the sectarian exchanges with the Order of Ignatius.

I am Saul on the road to Damascus, blinded by a dart to the eye. Kether to Malkuth, crown to kingdom, I await the return of the Thin White Duke.


Pink Floyd – “Sheep (three Different Ones) (live)”

It’s time for hate-filled amusements; live recordings from the Animals tour. The assault on the audience through these vitriolic songs is amazing. A little faster, a little more distortion, the spitting attack of the singing (not to mention the real spit – just starting that infamous Montreal show); it all combines to let the listener feel the frustration and anger and misanthropy. I’m in love.

[Part 2 of this excellent Cleveland performance of “Sheep (three Different Ones)” is here; Part 3 is here. Roughly 21 minutes of loathing in total]

Toot’s Knows His Number

More video Vault – this is Toots & The Maytals in 1975, with a nine minute version of “54-46 That’s My Number”. I think I’ll be watching this whole set.

SWEET JESUS. “Funky Kingston” follows this and rocked the buttons off my collar.

Followed by Toots getting his Stax on with “I’ve Got Dreams To Remember”, reminding the world what his soulful voice could do when unleashed on the right material.

Toot’s Knows His Number

Reelin’ And Rockin’

I end up visiting Wolfgang’s Vault about once a year and always tell myself I should check out the archives more often. Which is probably why I didn’t know there were videos. This is a good one to start with – George Thorogood & The Delaware Destroyers at the height of their powers, tearing it up in an opening slot for The Rolling Stones. I saw a few shows at Hampton Arena a little over a decade after this, and saw George around that time, too. But to see him crush at his peak is pure joy.

Reelin’ And Rockin’

Marc Hempel


Batman by Marc Hempel

Marc has a tumblr? How did I not know this? I’ve been a huge, huge fan since I fist picked up Gregory back in the day. My signed Tug & Buster comics (and promo poster) will never leave my possession.