Here’s a rain song that might be (but shouldn’t be) overlooked.


Day 50 – A song that is somehow responsible for you turning into the kind of person that would willingly do a 50 Day Song Challenge

The Time – “777-9311”

If you were to boil down my musical collection to it’s pure essence, the syrup that remained would be the rhythm section Prince laid down on this track.

Looking back, The Time is the first band I could call my own. Before discovering Morris, Jerome, Monte, Jellybean, Jesse, Jimmy & Terry, I listened to other people’s music. It was my parent’s music, or my sister’s or my cousin’s, or the collective music of top 40 and classic rock radio. Around the same time (no pun intended) as I discovered Morris and the boys, my friend Kyle was diving headlong into metal via the door opened by Quiet Riot’s Metal Health. And though I shared his growing love of that genre, my own forays always felt like adjuncts to his trailblazing.

But The Time were my own. I found them, I believe, through hearing “Cool” on the radio once or twice and, being unable to find the debut, picking up What Time Is It? My memory might be entirely false here, but I swear I was a fan before “Jungle Love”, if only by a few months; it was in the autumn of ‘83, within weeks of Quiet Riot entering my life through “Cum On Feel The Noize”. I tried to introduce The Time to all the musical tastemakers in my life; my sister latched onto “Onedayi’mgonnabesomebody” and then eventually the whole What Time Is It? album, while Kyle somewhat begrudgingly accepted “The Bird” and “Jungle Love” the next summer (I think he would have liked them better if I had the 45s instead of the album, because without the edits they’re some long ass songs for 11 year-olds raised on radio to get through).

The Time helped me find and define my own musical taste. “777-9311” is still the yardstick with which I measure.

Day 49 – A song you would want your band to cover 

The Bevis Frond – “New River Head”

It’s pretty simple (excepting some great psychedelic guitar work), a blast to sing while requiring the barest minimum of range, and it makes the hairs on my arm stand up. 20 years of constantly hearing it hasn’t robbed it of any of it’s powers, so I don’t imagine playing it would ever get old.