I stood next to John Densmore at the Trader Joes check out line


(my Rock & Roll Tedium story made it)


I was buying groceries at the La Brea Blvd. Trader Joes. When I got into the check out line, I noticed that I was standing next to John Densmore. I wanted to thank him for not participating in the execrable “The Doors of the 21st Century” band, but I didn’t.

He was buying a LOT of cat food.

by quartzcity

He buys the food and Danzig buys the litter. This is all starting to make sense…


Grant Morrison, to justify his outlandish fantasy worlds recently said “We already have real life, why should we need to duplicate it?” (quoted from memory) Well, yes we have it today, but today’s is gone tomorrow, and if nobody was paying attention, then it is gone forever.

Campbell forever. (via jonathanbogart)

Eddie gave the single best comics presentation I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing back at ICAF ‘99. His mind on the page is but one small sliver of his mind in person; a staggering, friendly, curious and comical genius who I would literally fly across the world to listen to if I but had the funds. Instead, I’ve spent most of that money tracking down old reprints of forgotten artists Campbell casually dropped in his presentation a dozen years ago. But if he comes back to the States for a lecture sometime soon I’ll be hard pressed not to make the trip, however sparse my savings.