…And Break!

I’m huddled up and ready to go.  I’m hitting the road for three weeks and leaving this here computer behind.  I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to post anything here when I’m gone; if I do, it will be only occasionally.  Have fun without me (It’ll be just like the month of July).


Nothing Left To Replace

The second round of Replacements reissues hit the street today.  Though none of these are as essential as Let It Be or Hootenanny,  but their pretty worthwhile.  I’ve only played Tim thus far (I gotta go chronologically), but the sound is great.  Most importantly, they’ve included the original acoustic demo version of “Can’t Hardly Wait”.  I’ve had a boot of it for years, but this remaster is ace.  In celebration, you should watch one of the greatest videos ever – “Bastards of Young”.

One Last Thing About David Foster Wallace*

The Onion has made me laugh for the first time in a dog’s age: NASCAR Cancels Remainder Of Season Following David Foster Wallace’s Death.

*(*) I reserve the right to address the work or person of David Foster Wallace at a later date.  The header was more to indicate that, at the present time, I have no further thoughts, links, or ephemera to pass along concerning his unfortunate demise, rather than an indication of true finality on the subject.  Nothing is final.

(*) I was unable to figure out how to get a superscript numerical identifier in the header, thus the all-purpose asterix.  As this explanation was not pertinant to the matter addressed in the prior note, I felt compelled to explain my odd notation in a seperate, and secondary** notation.

** You could also call it a tertiary concern within the greater post.  And yes, I’ve got multiple systems of notation working, which ideally would have been addressed seperately.  I felt relatively secure in the fact that, in such a short entry, the intent would be clear.  If I have misjudged and should have, in fact, addressed my myriad notational systems at either greater length or in a seperate entry, I apologize.  I also apologize for this cheap, and rather poorly planned, homage to the late Mr. Wallace, known for his penchant for copious foot- and endnotes.  I”m just not over it.

That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

I’m jumbled up in the wake of the death of David Foster Wallace.  I’m not going to wax poetic about levels and layers of meaning in his work or what it has meant to me; suffice it to say I am a great fan, and will miss what might have been in some possible future.  I found his mind, as expressed in his work, fascinating.

Check out this appearance on the Charlie Rose show (the interview starts around the 23 minute mark).  Rest in peace.

The Genius Test

Apple added a feature to the latest iTunes called Genius.  It is supposed to make a playlist based on some unknown Apple criteria when you choose a song and press a button.  It doesn’t recognize anything not in the iTunes Store, so though I have tons of AC/DC and Beatles mp3s they don’t show up.  It doesn’t seem to care about album titles, only songs; my many boots seem to show up no problem.  The following is my first Genius playlist that worked – it recognized the first song and – magic!

“It’s So Easy” – Hawkwind (from Hall Of The Mountain Grill)

“Requiem” – Killing Joke (from Killing Joke)

“Motorhead” – Motörhead (from Motörhead)

“Prince Charming” – Adam & The Ants (from Prince Charming)

“Ziggy Stardust” – Bauhaus (from Swing The Heartache)

“Ride A White Swan” – T. Rex (from 20th Century Boy: The Ultimate Collection)

“Space Is Deep” – Hawkwind (from Space Ritual)

“Making Plans For Nigel (live)” – XTC (from The Rhythm bootleg)

“Idiot Wind (rehearsal)” – Bob Dylan (from Going Going Guam bootleg)

“Hanging Around (live)” – The Stranglers (from Toronto 80 bootleg)

“We Care A Lot (live)” – Faith No More (from Live In The USA bootleg)

“See Emily Play (alt. mono mix)” – Pink Floyd (from Interstellar Overdrive: The Alternate Masters bootleg)

“Planet Earth” – Duran Duran (from Greatest)

“Crosstown Traffic” – The Jimi Hendrix Experience (from Electric Ladyland)

“Ashes To Ashes” – David Bowie (from Scary Monsters)

“Babylon’s Burning” – The Ruts (from No Thanks! The ’70s Punk Rebellion)

“Bomber” – Motörhead (from Bomber)

“Sonic Attack” – Hawkwind (from The ‘1999’ Party)

“Perfect Day” – Lou Reed (from The Very Best Of Lou Reed)

“Elected” – Alice Cooper (from Billion Dollar Babies)

“Tommy Gun (live)” – The Clash (from This Is Radio Crash bootleg)

“Wot’s… uh the Deal” – Pink Floyd (from Obscured By Clouds)

“The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (live)” – The Smiths (from Thank Your Lucky Stars bootleg)

“Christine” – Siouxsie & The Banshees (from Once upon A Time)

“Blockbuster!” – Sweet (from Greatest Hits)

Some quick thoughts: it isn’t a bad playlist, though I tend to try to avoid multiple songs from a single artist. I’m wondering if the Genius algorithm knows Lemmy was in Hawkwind – two Motörhead tracks to go with the three Hawkwind ones is a whole lotta Lemmy (not a bad thing, mind you).  Obviously time period plays a part; most of this is from the few years to either side of the release of Hall Of The Mountain Grill in 1974 (the big outlier is the Faith No More from the early 90s).  The transition from “Space Is Deep” into “Making Plans For Nigel (live)” works surprisingly well; the later picks up mid-drum intro and the sound quality is similar, like a band flowing from one cut to another.  Some good keyboard playing throughout, whether atmospheric washes or straight vamping.  The Dylan doesn’t work at all – Going Going Guam is an interesting artifact, but not listenable in anything more that curio fashion (the sound quality is mediocre at best, and it is all about trying different arrangements of familiar work).  “Planet Earth” into “Crosstown Traffic” is interesting from a beat perspective; the end of one to the intro of the next doesn’t flow, but the two drum patterns are complimentary.  The airraid sirens at the end of “Bomber” flow beautifully into the phase oscillation of “Sonic Attack”.  You can’t go wrong with “Blockbuster!”, wherever it shows up in a mix.

I’m not sure how often I’ll play with this feature.  It apppears genre limited to great extent – no r&b, blues, jazz, etc show up here, though I have lots of other stuff on my hard drive.  Not recognizing artists outside the store is hugely limiting, though I don’t know how they would be able to account for everything under the sun.  I’ll probably stick with plain shuffle.