Rest In Peace, Bill Doss


Olivia Tremor Control – Define a Transparent Dream (1996)



Edward Everett Horton



Eddie ♥

Oh, what a sweet face.

All right, Fred and Ginger fans. If you don’t know who this babyface gentleman is, allow me to introduce you. He’s Edward Everett Horton, and he was one of the prime character actors/comedians in Hollywood. He appears in The Gay Divorcee, Top Hat, and Shall We Dance with Fred and Ginger in addition to doing lots of comedies and movies on his own.

Eddie was known for his neurotic and fussy characters, most often playing a man of great means and wealth but comically little common sense. He is, however, always harmless and utterly charming. He bumbles very well. He was one of the most famous farceurs in Hollywood for the entire duration of his career. If you’re interested in more about Eddie because who isn’t, then check out Charlie’s blog dedicated to him.

Aw, it’s nice to see Edward Everett Horton posts on tumblr. One of my favorite character actors ever.

And everyone should watch Lost Horizon (1937) at least once in their life. Such a great movie.

Horton hears a wha?

The man could double take with the best of them.

Rest in Peace, Chris Marker



Alain Resnais on Chris Marker (born July 29, 1921)

“Chris Marker is the prototype of the 19th Century man. He managed to achieve a synthesis of all appetites and obligations without ever sacrificing any of them to the others. In fact a theory is making the rounds, and not without some grounds, that Marker could be an extra-terrestrial. He looks like a human, but perhaps he comes from the future or from another planet… There are some very bizarre clues. He is never sick or ill, he is not sensitive to cold, and he doesn’t seem to need any sleep.”

Rest In Peace