Thoroughly Meta Millie


Millie the Model #107, March 1962. Art by Stan Goldberg. Words by Stan Lee.

Marvel got meta quite a bit back in the day.


To Protect The Health Of The Mother

My friend Ben shares his story to help cast some light on the abortion issue. A snippet:

We found out Christine was pregnant in the emergency room.

We wanted to have a baby. But our enthusiasm was dampened by the circumstances that brought us there. Christine had been experiencing severe, crippling abdominal pain for days. We were saddened but not surprised by the doctor’s news. They thought it was an ectopic pregnancy. The fertilized egg was growing in one of Christine’s fallopian tube instead of her uterus. If allowed to continue, the condition was guaranteed to be fatal to both Christine and the embryo.

The doctors recommended an operation to terminate the pregnancy. Immediately. We agreed.

After the operation we learned that the original diagnosis has been incorrect. It was not an ectopic pregnancy. The pain was caused by a substantial ovarian cyst. Christine was still pregnant.

Six months later we were back in the ER. Once again Christine has been experiencing severe pain. At this point she was 27 weeks pregnant – visibly bulging, but a very long way from the ingested-watermelon-look of a full term pregnancy. Once again we got the news that the pregnancy was killing her. She had HELLP syndrome and was hours away from a coma and death. The cure was end the pregnancy. Immediately. Again.

Please read the whole thing.

To Protect The Health Of The Mother

Happy 95th, Jack Kirby


Jack Kirby was born 95 years ago today in the Lower East Side. He was a visionary storyteller who revolutionized superhero, adventure, science fiction and romance comics. In his first act, he co-created Captain America and a number of other Golden Age superheroes. In his second, he worked with Joe Simon to create romance comics. In his third, he co-created almost all of the characters in the early Marvel Universe. In his fourth act, he created the Fourth World, which for my money is still the most intriguing ‘universe’ in Marvel or DC.

My father was a huge Kirby fan, and introduced me to his work at a very young age. I was particularly moved by his more contemporary (for the ‘80’s) and somewhat less celebrated work, like Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers and his adaptation of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I loved to imagine possible meanings for Kirby’s abstract images and indescribably complex devices. Kirby created worlds in which the reader could imagine that anything was possible. I was lucky enough to meet the man once at a New York comic convention in the late 1980’s. For a man who had accomplished so much, he was remarkably kind and humble.

Long live the king.

Jack’s granddaughter has started a Kirby4Heroes campaign supporting the Hero’s Initiative’s efforts to create a basic safety net for retired comic creators. Some comic shops in California and Midtown Comics in New York have signed up to donate a portion of sales today to the Initiative. This is a really nice gesture, but if you want to support more directly (I don’t know how large that portion is), donate to the Heroes Initiative w/ a Kirby4Heroes tag. via Kirby Museum.

Tom Spurgeon collected some great links for today, including a great piece from Steven Brower about Kirby and collages, a Comics Journal interview from 1990 (conducted by Gary Groth), and an ‘oral history’ of the creation of Marvel’s superhero line from the 20th Century Danny Boy blog.

The image above is from the fourth issue of 2001: A Space Odyssey (pg. 26) with inks by Mike Royer, via What If Kirby.

Loop – “Head On”


Loop: “Head On,” from Heaven’s End.

Best part of listening to this song is you’re all “Man, that’s a fucked-up, fuzzed-out guitar tone!” and the around 2:00 the solo comes in and you’re all “Wait, that was bullshit before. THIS is a fucked-up, fuzzed-out guitar tone!!”

Loop is one of the only bands where merely mentioning them makes me play their collected works until my brain explodes. It may only take a few seconds for that to occur because listening to them is like opening the Ark of the Covenant.