The Adventures of Willie Nelson & Trigger


The Adventures of Willie Nelson and Trigger, a comic to celebrate Willie Nelson’s 80th birthday.


Katchor in L.A.

Last week I was in Los Angeles, and the day I arrived I went to a Ben Katchor reading and book signing at the Skirball Cultural Center. He’s a great reader with a wonderful sense of comic timing, and he answered every question asked with patience and insight. Definitely worth your time if he’s anywhere near.

One other note: I’ve been a fan of his for 20-odd years, but having never met him or talked about him with those in the know I’ve always pronounced his name wrong. Hearing it pronounced “Catcher” seems odd after decades of “Catch-or” in my own thoughts and speech. Just another one to add to the long list of mangled pronunciations that have lept from my tongue.