Last Rites: The Riff-Rock Variations – All Them Witches, The Well, Craang

I wrote about three recent or upcoming stoner rock records for Last Rites:

If only the same could be said about Austinites The Well. From the opening movie sample to the bog-standard stoner riffs that follow, The Well is treading such well-worn ground that there is nothing left but the rut they’re in. I feel like I bought this record in 1996, and 1999, and 2003, 2005, 2008, twice in 2010, in 2012, and I’m sure I already have this year’s copy collecting dust on the shelf. Or was the Uncle Acid record last year? Regardless, The Well’s full-length debut, Samsara, is as recycled as its title. The only standout is the incredibly dire cover of the Pink Floyd classic “Lucifer Sam”, and if “incredibly dire” didn’t tip you off it’s for all the wrong reasons. Put this back on the wheel of reincarnation as it’s D.O.A.


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