Last Rites: The Best of What You Missed, Day Five

I wrote a few words about Black Bombaim for Last Rites:

Portugal’s answer to Earthless are as prolific and adventurous as any artist working in heavy psych-rock today. Every release is worth a listen, and some are worth many more. Far Out, their first album for British label Cardinal Fuzz, is one of those that invites and rewards repeated plays. The trio builds a solid base through repetition, anchoring a rhythm before breaking bits and pieces off to explore before reassembly. Joined here by tenor saxophonist Rodrigo Amado for the alternately blistering and entrancing “Africa II,” and by modular synthesist Luis “The Astroboy” Fernandes for more eastward-leaning sounds of “Arabia,” Black Bombaim once again prove themselves able improvisors who avoid the trap of mere pointless jamming. This is a conversation and exploration of themes and ideas that keeps the listener fully engaged.


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