Last Rites: The Best of What You Missed, Day One

I wrote a few words about Comet Control’s debut for Last Rites:

From the ashes of the late, lamented (by me, at least) Quest For Fire rise Comet Control. On their self-titled Tee Pee debut, this Toronto band takes the heavy, fuzzy, psychedelic garage rock they explored in QFF and both amplifies and hones that sound. Gone are the sometimes sloppy jammy bits, and Comet Control is all the better band for it. The songs are sharper and catchier, yet somehow heavier as well; the distortion comes in thick, reverberating walls that most often parallel the melodies like hedgerows on a road. This isn’t metal, nor is it stoner rock. It’s fuzz worship, and these folks are worthy prophets of what I hope will be a growing congregation.


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