Last Rites: Electric Citizen – Sateen

I reviewed Electric Citizen, both live and in studio. Worth a look and a listen.

Electric Citizen take their name from the 1969 song “Death of an Electric Citizen” by the Edgar Broughton Band, and Sateen owes a great deal to the heavy acid psychedelic rock of that era. The connection is obvious from the get-go; “Beggar’s Need” begins with only a bit of classic fuzz distortion, and Ross Dolan’s guitar sets the stage for al that follows; six seconds of intro, straight into the main riff with drums, bass, and keyboards in perfect support. Six seconds later, and Laura Dolan bursts in, her multi-tracked vocals strong and clear. Electric Citizen have no intention of wasting time. Economy in the hard rock and metal milieu is hard to come by, but this is a tight, nine song, 37-minute album that flows from strength to strength.


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