Steel for Brains: SfB vs. Psych Fest

A while back, Jonathan asked me to join his small coterie of writers at Steel for Brains. Life meant I couldn’t contribute right away, but I always hoped to get started in early May. When I offered him my Psych Fest diary he said yes before reading a word. After I gave him over 7000, I expected him to pass. Instead he asked for the poor photos I took to go with it.

For over 20 years, Bardo Pond has been chugging along, their thick psychedelic space rock fueling a generation of distortion loving cultural misfits like me. Somehow, in all those years, I’d never made it to one of their many shows. I wasn’t going to miss this chance, and I nabbed a seat on the front row of the Amphitheatre. With my earplugs firmly in place, I closed my eyes and let Bardo Pond wash over me. Psychedelic heavy music has always been a way for me to release my cares and worries; whether played loud enough to make the walls shake or pumped directly into my skull with headphones, it’s transportive and transformative power helps me put things down, aside, or in a new order. It takes a magnet to the iron filings of my jumbled brain. Bardo Pond served to do just that on Saturday, their resonant fuzz a mental refresher that let me not only enjoy their set but to prepare me for more. The day was still young. There were more amazing experiences ahead.


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