Last Rites: 5Q5A – Prizehog

I sent some questions to Portland’s Prizehog and they waded through my bullshit to find the core of what I was wondering about. Excellent work on their part, overcoming every obstacle I threw in their path.

We play all the time, so things mostly come together naturally. We take our time working on subtleties to make songs even more fun to play, with ins and outs that never get boring and probably make it a weird experience for someone hearing a song for the first time. We are definitely not one of those bands that write an album a week before recording it. We span time. Put down in writing, these songs are a series of shapes and numbers only we can truly understand. We use weird hieroglyphs to convey parts or changes, with scattered numerals making it look like some crazy alien math homework. People we have shared practice spaces with have spent long times trying to figure out songs of their own just from our space-calculus.

It seems like a good method, and open-ended enough that it could make sense to anyone and be open to interpretation, which might just be how we come across musically. We can tell you with certainty: There is no one way we do anything.


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