Last Rites: Pre-Rock Record’s Presents House of Burners

The guys in Shooting Guns have gathered together a collection of Canada’s finest heavy/garage/psych rock groups for the first non-band release on their Pre-Rock Records label. It’s a blast.

Though where House of Burners truly shines is on the purer psychedelic and heavy psych tracks that the underground Canadian heavy scene seems to cultivate. The soft, entrancing, sound of Saskatoon’s Powder Blue is like a velvety pillow, but the teasingly titled “Go On Forever” doesn’t, which is a total bummer. Based on “Tanya”, The Switching Yard is Saskatoon’s best kept secret; this is pure, unadulterated, psychedelic space rock, the kind Shooting Guns occasionally reaches for but, alas, their massive bottom end won’t let them achieve this high an orbit. The label owners do swing that heavy backside like the proverbial motherfuckers who never learn on “Taylor St. Champagne Room”, a motorik chugger that surely gets the stoned girls to go-go dance. Mahogany Frog, meanwhile, eschew the heavy for an almost proggy psychedelia on “Saffron Myst” that is an intriguing blend or 80s electronic soundtrack music and 70s art rock, a quiet synth storm.


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