Last Rites: 5Q5A – Argus

Craig and I had the opportunity to send some questions to Argus, one of my favorite contemporary bands. They answered honestly and at length, and proved to be one of my favorite interviews, too:

BUTCH: All the big magazines are in the pocketbooks of the big labels. We have friends and supporters at several of these publications, yet, we can’t get an interview? Why?

Because our European PR company sucks for starters. Because our label is smaller and can’t spend the ad cash the big dogs can? There comes a point where magazines start to become catalogs for the majors rather than actually trying to push good, newer bands. We’re well into the digital age. No one wants to pay for anything anymore, and what fans don’t or won’t recognize is that for every time they download our album on some shyster’s blog site that hurts us badly in terms of gaining support from promoters, hurts our label, keeps us from moving to a bigger label…because the industry is still working from the notion of sales driving everything.

So, if fans want to help, they can please consider buying the album rather than downloading it. Come see us live when we’re in your town. Buy merch. Spread the word about our show. Shit – FILM us at our shows PLEASE. Spread that shit – we’re a great live band – we are getting little to no respect from promoters for touring opportunities and getting on festivals, yet, our reputation and word of mouth about it is good. It needs to grow. Email festivals and request us. Write our label. Write the magazines, e-zines and fanzines. All of that helps us tremendously and does not go unappreciated.


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