Last Rites: 5Q5A – Salem’s Pot

Craig and I sent Salem’s Pot some questions. We had no idea what to do with the results, but thankfully Ian did.

You know what? These Swedes’ prickly brevity is sorta reminiscent of certain bygone circulars that used to hit your mailbox still ponging from Kinko’s toner stank. Talking zines, my friend! And, in the age of the ALL O’ ME blog confessional, Salem’s Pot’s detached DGAF is, in a weird way, inspiring, recalling the masochistic, Mascis-esque interviews of the slack motherfucker set.

So, let’s do this up how it should be done: contrasted to hell, xeroxed to bits, and shot-through with that ol’ messy, lefty-scissors, cut n’ paste aesthetic. (No rampant typos, though. We’re better than thaf.) Erik Highter and Craig Hayes asked Salem’s Pot five questions, they told us to stuff it, light it, and listen to the DOOOOOOOOOOOOM. Can’t argue with the logic.


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