Last Rites: Monolord – Empress Rising

I reviewed the debut from Sweden’s Monolord for Last Rites. It’s a solid slab of heavy doom, and I can’t wait to hear what comes next.

When Monolord find the right balance, the result is a stunning example of 90s-tinged doom. Opening track “Harbinger of Death” is them at their most Electric Wizard, and would fit nicely on Witchcult Today; high praise indeed, and most deserved for this head-nodding groove. On the slow creep of “Audhumbla”, they sublimate the Sleep influence and find their own somnambulistic style, with that gut-churning effect described before acting not as a side effect but a featured player, roiling and rolling before stepping back to let the listener breathe, then swooping back in for another round.


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