Last Rites: 5Q5A – La Chinga

I helped Kyle come up with some questions for Vancouver’s 70s-style hard rockers La Chinga. Our questions were decent but their answers were stellar.

Instead of jumping trends and going for retro-doom or occult rock, your brand of ’70s hard rock seems both more familiar and less derivative. It’s evocative instead of aping, and while close listening makes me think of a T. Rex moment here, a Zep nod there, it sounds like no one but yourselves. How hard is it to trod familiar ground and find new truths in it?

It’s pretty easy for us I think to stay true, it’s natural. This is the first band for me where the chemistry was immediate. When we got together for the first time, there was no plan to sound like this, I actually had a plan for what we were going to sound like, kinda more laid back was what I thought we were gonna sound like. I had some different songs I brought in, sounds I thought we would be heading for, and it all went out the window on the first jam. Right away it was, boom! The room exploded on the first song we played together. We just took off and I knew right away we had something special. Something I had never felt before.




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