Stacks: Little Feat – “That’s Her, She’s Mine”

My latest Stacks piece was inspired by the new Little Feat box set. Instead of going back to the Lowell George era, I wrote about the late 80s/early 90s comeback that has unjustly retreated to the back of their legacy.

It was a classic radio promotion; gather friends and some lucky winners as an audience, and broadcast the exclusive show out to the general public. And while the short set leant heavily on the classic hits, a few of the newer singles were played, and they burst to life when stripped of studio sheen.

“That’s Her, She’s Mine” is one such cut that blossomed in the live setting. The studio version on Representing the Mambo is buried under a thick gloss, the sound of 1989-90 in all it’s horrific glory; stripped and clean, it fits comfortably in with the classic songs from the Lowell George era (in fact, it segues directly into 1973’s “Fat Man in the Bathtub”, hence the edit). Hits like “Texas Twister” and “Let It Roll” are likewise transformed, and the separation of eras is virtually inaudible in their talented hands.


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