Last Rites: Protoplasm 2 – More Goodies From the Grave

More proto-metal madness over at Last Rites. I rambled on about the self-titled amazing 1973 debut from Granicus:

Granicus is why Cleveland was the first U.S. city to fall under Rush’s spell. At least, that’s what I assume when I hear Woody Leffel’s vocals thunder out of the speakers. Leffel has a monstrously strong voice, a lofty wail that splits the difference between good ol’ Geddy Lee and the golden god himself, Robert Plant. Pitched to crack glass and make dogs yarl, Leffel lead Granicus to peaks rarely reached by bands that didn’t break into the mainstream. Their self-titled 1973 debut isn’t merely a lost gem, a piece of proto-metal for fans of the stuff. This is a stunning album, with a breadth and depth that set them apart from the power bluesman and Free-basing hard rockers of the era. It’s downright Zeppelin-esque, and stands not too far down the mountain from their high summit.



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