Last Rites: 5Q5A – Kult of the Wizard

Ian Chainey and I were quite smitten by Kult of the Wizard, so we got in touch with them to ask some questions. Thanks to the articulate and informative answers of guitarist/singer Aaron Hodgson, it came out well:

We live in an age where everything is at our fingertips, where every metal band that ever talked about cutting a demo has an entry in the Encyclopedia Metallum. But I’ll be damned if the best way to find something you like isn’t still through old fashioned word of mouth. Take Kult of the Wizard. A few weeks ago, I asked a buddy in Minneapolis if he’d heard anything cool lately; he responded with, “Oh yeah, a friend of mine put out some stuff last September. I think you’d really like it.” A few minutes later, he sent me the link to Kult of the Wizard’s first album, The Red Wizard; a few minutes after that I was being crushed by some seriously thumping doom.


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