Last Rites: Outré Monde – Arc of Ascent and Compactor

Outré Monde is a new regular column over at Last Rites where the esteemed Craig Hayes and I will be discussing bandcamp discoveries, both new and old, that cover the full gamut of our broad and eclectic tastes.

We stuck close to home for the first installment, chatting about a heavy psychedelic band from New Zealand and a release on a cassette label based in Denton, TX (with a hat tip to my friend Rob Buttrum and his excellent Out-Of-Body Records).

One persons poison is another’s nectar, and in the spirit of sparking the synapses into gear, Outré Monde is here to illuminate bands that might not be metal per se, but still retain plenty of elements of serious interest for the open-minded metal fan.

So, dig in and join in. The trip to the outer reaches starts here.


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