Stacks: Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “Farmer John”

It’s Monday morning, which means some scribbling appears at Stacks. This week I spent some time digging into Thud Rock via Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s “Farmer John” from Weld.

Though they were around at the time, Neil and the Horse were never really Thud Rock; they had too many legit chops and too much musical ambition to embrace their inner Bam Bam. But it was obvious from the get-go that they understood the compulsion and weren’t afraid to flirt with the idea of it. Crazy Horse always had a simplicity to their attack, with a fear of ornamentation that bordered on a full-blown phobia. Neil in turn attacked his guitar like he was strangling a chicken; his choking, stuttering, soloing style a telegraphic S.O.S. to his more lyrical peers.

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