PopMatters: The Best Hopes to Break Out in 2014

PopMatters: The Best Hopes to Break Out in 2014

I wrote about Power Trip as my breakout pick for 2014:

[…] as good as Manifest Decimation is as a recording, it pales before the experience of them in person. While the touchstones of a modern punk or metal show are all present—the fans pressed to the stage screaming along, the pit behind, the nodding heads of those around the periphery—there is a palpable difference. Power Trip aren’t there to put on a show for the fans; they put on a show with their fans. Frontman Riley Gale’s guttural howl may be the loudest, but there is a sense that he’s singing their words, their feelings, as well as his own. There’s a synthesis of artist and audience. It’s astonishing to see it at show after show, particularly in this jaded era of cellphones and crossed arms. With the chance for more touring in more places in the coming year, Power Trip should have the world in their arms. If the reports from their first European tour are to be believed it’s already begun.

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