The Best Metal Albums of 2013: Introduction

Adrien nails what metal is, was, and can be, and in the meantimes lets extremity wander to it’s own pasture, free of metal’s confines. An elegant and – more importantly – right feeling answer to the conundrum of 21st century ossification through classification.

basement galaxy

I could not have gotten into heavy metal at a better time. In 1983-1984, a mere 13 years into its evolution as a proper musical genre, it shifted from its nascent period to full-blown maturity. It was a perfect storm of potential being realized, youth culture, and the zeitgeist, making for a period of musical discovery a budding music fan could only dream of. Over the course of the next seven years metal would evolve at an unparalleled rate. Something groundbreaking would come out every month or two, it seemed, and for those a few years younger than me who would come of age right when the more extreme side of heavy metal truly started to take shape in the early 1990s, it was very much the same thing, an incredible rate of progression and innovation.

We had no idea at the time, but we were spoiled. The possibilities seemed…

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