2013 Favorites #4: In Solitude – Sister

2013 Favorites: #4 In Solitude – Sister

If Shooting Guns was my most written about band of 2013, In Solitude were right there nipping at their heels. If you want a measured bunch of thoughts, click on over to my PopMatters review. The short form is that a band I dug because they were aping a sound I loved stopped being copycats and got even better. I love me some goth, and mixing that vibe with some vintage late 70s/early 80s harmonic riffing and I’m all in. It’s also a grower of an album, something I value more than some other folks. If I can hear new things, new little hooks or production touches, if some other part of a song can catch my ear each time, I’ll rarely if ever tire of hearing it. I’ve played “Pallid Hands” dozens and dozens of times and it keeps getting better. The same can be said of Sister as a whole.

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