2013 Favorites: #3 Roomrunner – Ideal Cities

2013 Favorites: #3 Roomrunner – Ideal Cities

First off, a hat tip to Scott and Ian of Kowloon Walled City, Snailface, etc., without whom I doubt I would have heard this album. Secondly, no record this year has better defined my previously mentioned “grower” status. It’s not that Ideal Cities is a difficult or unapproachable album; this is noise-rock with huge pop appeal and a catchy fuck-off riff or two in every tune. But the more I listened the more it insinuated itself into my brain. I’d be strolling along, doing something innocuous and BOOM a little purling hiss of feedback like the rising tones that squeak out in the background of each end line on “Duno” would be buzzing in my head. After puzzling out it was from this song I’d end up listening to the whole album yet again. And there is some piece, some non-hook earworm, that grabs me in every damn tune and haunts my life. This fucking record is a musical parasite. I’m rescinding my thanks. Scott and Ian are a couple of bastards.


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