2013 Favorites: #2 Earthless – From the Ages

2013 Favorites: #2 Earthless – From the Ages

This year I was lucky enough to review what proved to be two of my favorite records for PopMatters. I didn’t know how much I’d end up loving them, only that I liked both bands in the past and wanted to hear their new albums. But as with In Solitude, I love the new Earthless record. It’s what they’ve long hinted at but never quite achieved; a controlled feeling of exploration and improvisation, as opposed to the primal chaotic force they often seemed in the past. There are tethers tied to Isaiah Mitchell’s flights of fancy, and the band benefits from what I won’t call restraint, but rather a directed sense of collective motion. Again, it’s another record that opens up the more you listen. If I have any theme to my favorites, it’s the sense of continual discovery, that a record has secrets that will only reveal themselves through repetition. I like an instant grab, an undeniable hook or chorus. But I love music I can live with and that has a chance to grow with me and not be cast aside. I expect I’ll be finding new moments, new avenues of discovery, in From the Ages for years to come.


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