2013 Favorites: #9 The Bevis Frond – White Numbers

2013 Favorites: #9:The Bevis Frond – White Numbers

Good ol’ Nick Saloman. He crawled out of retirement a few years ago and released The Leaving of London, a solid if unspectacular record like dozens he has in his catalog. the Frond is never bad, but the high points are few and far between, and nothing he’s ever done has approached the magnificence of 1991’s New River Head. Nothing, that is, until now. White Numbers is not only his second best record, but its scope is such that, as with New River Head, there is something for nearly everyone. Personally, I love this album closer, a 42-minute psych jam that makes me stupidly happy and probably gives Julian Cope a scowl of jealous rage. It’s too much in all the best ways, an overdose of serotonin that has me smiling 30 seconds in and looking like a victim of Joker’s laughing gas by the end. My rictus grin of happy pain. Thanks, Nick. Glad to have you back.


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