2013 Favorites: #14 Gorguts – Colored Sands

2013 Favorites: #14: Gorguts – Colored Sands

To say I’m not a death metal guy does a disservice to guys who aren’t into death metal. I usually turn it off within a minute or two. Try as I might, I can’t warm to Growly McGrowlerson and his distended goiter, nor to his friend Pulverizer O’Speederson on drums. It took me several years to warm to thrash back in the day, and that’s like death metal’s anemic cousin in this day and age.

So what the hell is Gorguts doing on here? Well, I do like a handful of death metal records, ones where I’ve gotten past those two bastards I mentioned above through the attraction of some other facet of the work. Gorguts did that with everyone’s favorite weirdo death metal record Obscura. I fell in love with the surprising and inventive arrangements, and have kept an ear out for the further work of Luc Lemay and his cohorts. On Colored Sands, Lemay has found the perfect balance between his compositions and the talents and unique sounds of each of the other musicians. Kevin Hufnagel’s guitar work and Colin Marston’s bass sound distinctly like themselves; this isn’t hired hands playing sheet music. And John Longstreth’s drums! While he can out pulverize any O’Speederson out there, his patterns here are inventive and engaging like few I’ve heard. 

That’s how a death metal record makes my list. By being Gorguts.


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