2013 Favorites: #19 Hawkeyes – Poison Slows You Down

2013 Favorites #19: Hawkeyes – Poison Slows You Down

I stand by what I wrote when Ian and I interviewed them:

Hawkeyes is top-notch space rock but not in a way you may have heard before. This isn’t interstellar exploration, a rocketship into the great unknown, a science fiction tale of Silver Machines and Time Lords and grooves unto the night fantastic. Nor is it “The Colour Out Of Space.” And, though there is horrific tension a-plenty, it isn’t Ufomammut‘s brand of Neurosis.

No,Hawkeyes are the sonic equivalent of a white dwarf star reaching its Chandrasekhar limit; the sound grows and grows, filling every possible space without ever exceeding the limits that would cause it all to collapse. By doing so, they achieve maximum density of sound without falling in on themselves or exploding out like a supernova. Hearing them reach and hold this balance time and again is stunning.

To these ears, their music has almost nothing to do with forward motion; while fellow psychedelic Canadian doom band Shooting Guns jump the starting gun and chase their projectile sound outward with motorik glee,Hawkeyes are happily filling up their car with smokey jams and forgetting to put the key in the ignition. It’s the sonic equivalent of the agitation of hydrogen in a hot air balloon filled just to the point of leaving the ground before they put the fire out.

It’s a trail of musical thought I didn’t know I wanted to explore, but Poison Slows You Down makes me wonder why no one earlier led me this way. It fills my head to bursting but lets me down easy. I’m happy to say it’s one of the best records of 2013.

And here we are. That last sentence proved prescient. It’s like I knew how my mind works.


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