2013 Favorites: #23 Lycia – Quiet Moments

2013 Favorites #23: Lycia – Quiet Moments

I’ve been aware of darkwave pioneers Lycia for some time, but I had never picked up and album and really listened before this year. That changed with Quiet Moments due to it’s release on local label Handmade Birds. It’s a label, like Profound Lore, that I trust because of the stellar curatorship of its proprietor. 2013 was a banner year for Rich; with solid releases from Vulgar Fashion, Terminator 2, Troller, How I Quit Crack, and more, Handmade Birds once again could stake a claim as one of the best small labels in North America. But two records stood out from this crowded field. The End, the final release from sonic punishers Black Boned Angel, and Lycia’s Quiet Moments. Two sides of a dark coin, and nearly a flip of one to make my list of favorites. Though in all honesty, Lycia always had the edge because I’m a big squish. It’s the pretty one, the stillness of the dark instead of the writhing anguish within.


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