2013 Favorites: #24 Eluvium – Nightmare Ending

2013 Favorites #24: Eluvium – Nightmare Ending

I’m not a fan of Matthew Cooper’s work in general, but it seems every few years one of his releases under the Eluvium moniker will hit me like a ton of soft, comforting, bricks. That was the case with Copia, my sixth favorite record of 2008 (I’d rate it even higher these days). It’s also the case with the 2013 double album Nightmare Ending. His latest work isn’t as singular in thought or execution as the afore-mentioned Copia, and sometimes feels a bit scattered. But the more I listen the more I get from it. It might be the record most conducive to repeated deep listening on my entire list. 

For more coherent thoughts on the album, check out Brice’s interview and Ian’s review, both for PopMatters.


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