PopMatters: The 75 Best Albums of 2013

PopMatters year-end continues with their list of the best 75 albums of 2013. I only have one blurb, for #59 – In Solitude’s Sister:

On their third record, Sister, In Solitude has found a way to absorb their influences and claim a sound of their own. The classic metal foundation laid down by their obsession with Mercyful Fate remains squarely in place; on top of that they’ve mixed post punk, death rock, goth and more, opening doors into other modes of dark expression. But it isn’t just a broadening of the sound that makes this record so special. In Solitude have a new confidence. Singer Pelle Åhman frees himself from the constraints of aping Mercyful Fate’s King Diamond and finds a howling voice that is truly his; guitarists Niklas Lindström and Henrik Palm stake a claim with their new palette, mixing a ’70s tone with a more modern attack. By removing the shackles of their singular influence, In Solitude step into a black light spot of their own.

I did a better job with the longform review than the capsule summation, but that’s just because I go on and on with ease.

The 75 Best Albums of 2013


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