James Robinson at 50


I have the writer James Robinson turning 50 today; I enjoyed his London’s Dark graphic novel, his Leave It To Chance series, his Starman superhero comics and recent Shade trade paperback. I always liked his Golden Age series best among the 1990s serious-superheroes comics because its plot involved HItler’s Brain.

The above image was one Paul Smith did for the big interview with Robinson I did that ran in one of the issues, I think in the 190s. He’s always been nice to me, that guy.

After picking up the odd issue of The Comics Journal here and there for over a decade, I finally got a subscription in 1997. This was my first issue (It’s #199, if anyone cares to know) and I bought the first several issues of Leave It To Chance as soon as I finished the interview. It’s still my favorite Robinson book, but as an oft-noted Paul Smith fan I won’t lie and say his artwork isn’t a fair part of the reason. It is one of the best all-ages books of this or any era. It’s an absolute shame that the series is out of print.

My birthday wish for Mr. Robinson is that someone reprints this series for a new generation.


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