Missed Anniversary

With this week marking the tenth year since the invasion of Iraq I realize I missed a personal milestone. I started my first blog on January 27th, 2003, where I wrote a bunch about the run-up to the war amongst other things. I long ago forgot the log-in and email I used to set up my first blogger account, and only the final vestiges of that first home still exist. But being a packrat, I do have a copy of my original introductory post, minus all the html markups but with all the weird uses of punctuation, grammar and syntax still intact:


Hello my adoring public (currently limited to the carefully chosen):

I have jumped in with Millions — yes, MILLIONS — of my fellow citizens to begin to blog. I thought initially of starting this with “to blog or not to blog”, but, wisely, I must say, did not. It would be interesting to do a search to see how many times that phrase has been used – I personally have never seen it but I don’t actually read many of these. In fact, I think I’ve read like six. I have read about them more than I’ve read them per se. Strange.

Regardless, this is my hello to the world writ small (only for you, my teeming few), an opening volley in a war for relevance.I will try to update this relatively regularly – my goal is daily, but I’m sure that won’t last a week – with thoughts, viewpoints, opinions and rants. I have a feeling that it will often be a rant as I am, underneath my caring facade, a raging ass. And if you’re unsure what exactly a raging ass is, you should be.

Tomorrow – nitpicking “LOTR: The Two Towers.”

Ten years gone and nothing changes.


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