2012 Favorites: #1 Pinkish Black – Pinkish Black

1. Pinkish Black – Pinkish Black

No band, live or on record, has hit me this year like Fort Worth’s Pinkish Black. It took a Canadian writer to tip me to the best band in Dallas-Fort Worth (I’m still getting my feet under me when it comes to local music), but once they were on my radar I honed in and became a little bit obsessed. I loved the record immediately, it’s unique and heavy synthesized krautrock goth doom hybrid ticking so many boxes that I had never imagined working together. I described it once as what I would have expected “goth metal” to sound like if you had told me of such a thing in 1989; of course it bears no resemblance to that genre as currently codified. The music they make is outside of genre in many ways, or at least outside of anything else I’ve ever heard. Live, as the clip above gives a small glimpse of, they are captivating. Please, go to their bandcamp page, and support the band. And look for their new record, internationally distributed by Century Media, sometime (hopefully early) next year. Based on the new songs I heard them play a couple of weeks ago it’ll be even better than their debut. Considering how much I love this record, that is saying quite a lot.


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